Darkness Before Dawn book# 1 ( download free)


Name: Darkness Before Dawn (series) book 1
Author(s): J. L. London
Year published: 2012

Strange how you want your firt post to be amazing, on a topic which will catch everyone’s breath, and you just write a review of a book you just finished reading:

Yes, as half of goodread’s fans i was appealed to the book by it’s cover. Too similar to Fallen by Lauren Kate. But though many criticise the book awfully, i try to fing the good sides. And here they are: first of all: it’s been a while since i read a book being only written about vampires and i mean it! No wearwolfs involved. Want to see action from “bloodsuckers”? enjoy the book. Second: the characters are really good described and written. You just fall for them, and can’t do anything about it. I myself always catch myself siding with villains, but not this time, no way! I am on team good, though that good is questionable.
Imagine our wold but in ruins, nothing is as it was, and someone demands not the taxes but your blood in exchange for your safety. That’s the world we face reading the book, it is brutal, but it is still our world.
The protagonist is 17, a girl named Dawn. She is self confident, and can sacrifise herself, she is stubborn, but she never leaves her friends behind, that’s why she has to meet an enemy a vampire but a great one he’s name is Victor but the problem is his dad “Bloody Valentine” as he is called. The vampire who controls city of Denver. But when those two meet, they are enemies, soon to become allies, and friends, and maybe even more. ( due to not reveal the whole content, and spoilers, i won’t say much) the book is really good, written in the language you want to read, you aren’t bored of Dawn, Victor, Tegan and Michael, even Sin!
If you have already read the book write in comments what you have thought about it, if not see the link below and dowload the book. Believe me one day is enough to read it 🙂 if you will like the PDF version feel free to contact me through email and ask me for it, 🙂
Enjoy, and visit us anytime!

download here

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